Move your career forward with the right skills
We aspire to bring world class learning opportunities under one-roof

We offers a breadth and depth of online IT training so that you can retain and up skill top talent in a field that demands continuous learning. Industry-leading experts provide instruction mentor-ship and inclusive learning.


We are technology partner of various advanced industrial training programs, for WEB integrated training and skill assessments of trainees and trainers of apparel manufacturing sector.


Esyfix is a renewable energy engineering, training and consultancy company specializing in photovoltaic solar design, online and face-to-face solar training and PV system audits.

Customized Assessment

Either pick a standard test from our extensive test library or create your own tests by using our questions bank or add yours’.

Seamless Online Training

Through our seamless online training software, you can access your training modules virtually from any device anytime and anywhere.

Comprehensive Reports

Custom Reporting allows you to create report templates based on any combination of criteria and then can be exported in multiple formats.

Track Progress

Trainees’ progress can be monitored for completed or pending courses, correct/incorrect responses to identify areas that need to be worked upon.

Secure Assessment Platform

We ensure complete security of candidate’s information, question bank, reports through high available encrypted cloud systems.

Cost Effective Solution

Since trainees and instructors can access the system from anywhere around the world, it helps curtail the expenses related to organizing offline training.

Professional way to hire talent
New-age assessment tool for hiring right talent

We are one of India’s leading assessment companies that works with both the industry and government towards quality skill assessment to make sure they have access to the right talent with the right skills. With our software, hiring managers can now easily assess across domains and skills.

  • Empaneled with RSA, Ministry of Textile as Assessment Agency under Samarth
  • Our evaluation software includes customized assessment tests for a highly diversified clientage
  • Uplift skill level into fields like leadership, team work, creativity, innovation etc.
  • Hire talent with better aptitude and tendency to stay with the organization
  • Bridging the gap between industry and corporate requirement and the young entrants

Psychometric Assessment

  • Gauge personality and behavior
  • Filter out candidates who contribute to the growth of an organization
  • Candidates motivational and driving factors
  • Identify negative traits

Cognitive Assessment

  • Evaluate logical thinking
  • Perceive things and absorb new information
  • Retrieve and use information acquired over lifetime
  • Ability to logical conclusion

Domain Assessment

  • Test the technical or domain knowledge
  • Combined to assess the collective productivity of the workforce
  • Extensive library of pre-built tests for various industries
  • Standardized functional tests
Skill development initiative through innovative training and assessment

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